Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Osprey Marina, Myrtle Beach, SC 8/24-28/2012

We left Georgetown, SC in the rain and it stayed that way every step of the way to Osprey Marina. What a shame because it was some of the most beautiful waterway we have seen. We would have really liked to see it better. At least it was fairly cool which was nice because we had to close all the Strataglass to keep the rain out of the flybridge. We will also get another chance to see it when we start south, probably in October.
Paula took this picture from the back of the flybridge as
we were traveling.
Really beautiful Cypress, Oaks and Long Leaf Pine

After the long day Blazer was just whipped and had
to take a nap.

Yep, this is where we were headed!

This is the entrance channel looking from
the marina towards the ICW.
This place is on a huge piece of property, they
have this goat herd that helps keep
the grass trimmed. During the winter the wild
goat herd from one of the islands is also brought 
here to protect them.

This is a section of boardwalk here at the
marina. The owners plan to extend the walk
out to the ICW and put up a gazebo
for their customers to enjoy.

It looks like Sea Eagle is sitting in a pond out in the woods.

Part of the roadway to the boardwalk and another
section of the marina.

I spent the money for a SC fishing license so I am
proud that I caught at least one fish. (Of course
it was a pretty expensive fish!)

A picture of the woods beside the boat. It is
literally about 75 foot from the side of the
boat to the woods.

The Waccatee Zoo is a small, family owned zoo (500 acres) 1.5 miles from the marina. Paula and I walked down there about noon on Sunday. We spent about 4 hours total and walked over 7.5 miles (according to our pedometers). What a neat place. We had a ball and of course Paula got to interact with (feed) a lot of cute animals!

We were walking across a small wooden bridge when
we spotted this Black Crowned Night Heron.  Paula
decided to throw him some food. He came out further
on the branch but didn't try to get any of it. After
a couple of throws we figured out he was watching
the fish come up for the food. I snapped this
picture just as he caught his lunch. Now that's
real team work!

I couldn't pass up this picture of an Anhinga with a
turtle. I think the turtle is a Cooter.

I know you can't believe that Paula would feed a fawn.

Where were these guys back in my hunting days?
There were at least 10 bucks all lined up along
this fence.  Must have been break time!

These guys, donkeys, would open their mouths so
you could pour the food in!  (More efficient that way)

Beautiful Cypress swamp we spotted.

Land Tortoise
Paula feeding Clyde, he followed her like a puppy. We
stopped back by later and he seemed to recognize her.

Must have a 100 different kinds of goats.

I know, there she is again feeding the animals!
But she had that great big bag of food to
get rid of!

A fancy Pheasant 

Another fancy Pheasant

These are some kind of South African rodent (I think).
Any way these are babies they are only about 10"
long. The full grown were about 2 ft.

These are the goats at the marina. On our way back
from the zoo we spotted these 2 guys going at it.
They were still going at it when we left!!

This is a little 3 footer that came swimming by the boat on
Monday. Paula took his picture because 'he was so cute'.

This little cutie is in the marina herd.

Check out the beard and horns on this guy. I think he is the
real boss of the local herd!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Georgetown, SC 7/24-8/24/2012

We arrived in Georgetown on July 24th and docked at a small but newly refurbished marina called Harborwalk Marina. We were put in a very nice slip that put us about 25ft from the ramp off the dock. It is really nice to have such a short walk for a change. Paula claimed she was too tired to cook so I offered to call Pizza Hut and we settled into our new temporary home.

Over the next several days we walked all over town and made a trip to Piggly Wiggly for supplies. (3 mile round trip). The town, one of the oldest in the south, is remarkably well kept. There are houses with history back to the 1700's. Most of the houses have a plaque on the front telling what year it was built. We spotted several houses that were in the process of being rebuilt or repaired, a sign that the city fathers want all of the houses to look good. On Saturdays there is a nice little Farmer's Market about 1/2 mile from the marina. They always have a nice selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Look closely and you can see an anchor in the center pane.

We visited the local museums and houses; one of the things that surprised us was the fact that this area was home to hundreds of rice plantations and that Georgetown was at one time the largest shipper of rice in the world. That came to an end at the end of the Civil War because growing rice is extremely labor intensive. There are however two rice plantations that are still going today with the South Carolina special rice.

During our stay in Georgetown we rented a car on two different weekends and made five trips to Charleston, visiting the oldest museum in the United States, (we could have spent two days in there).  We toured homes from the 17 and 1800's, as well as Fort Sumter where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. We also visited the Citadel where our friend, Ben, went to school. There are still places in Charleston we would like to visit so we are planning a stop there on our way back south in the fall.

Fort Sumter
One of the best things that we did while in Georgetown was go on the Low Country River Tour with Cap'n Rod, who also happened to be our dock neighbor. We got to see several old plantations, seven Bald Eagles, and the wreckage of the Harvest Moon, (a paddle wheeler that was sunk during the Civil War). The smokestack still sticks out of the water at low tide. Cap'n Rod was born and raised in the area and is extremely knowledgeable about the history of the area and knows pretty much all of the old families that still live and work here.

Can you believe the detail in this iron work?

We love Caladiums

This is the SC State Flag. You will find it every
 where in South Carolina

Civil War Memorial in Georgetown

Markers for CSA soldiers who served during
the Civil War

This is just down the street from our marina

I'll buy the drinks for anyone who can identify this


More amazing iron work

Notice the cantilevered stairway 

Martin houses are every where

Eagle spotted on the river cruise

Sunset from our dock

These 2 guys visited us several times a day to get
a handout from Paula.  They would even come in
the middle of a rain storm and patiently wait
for her!

One of the most beautiful bridge we have ever seen.
Hwy 17 in Charleston, SC

That's right, I can't make this stuff up!

Sweet Grass Baskets. Hwy 17 N of Charleston
 they are NOT cheap!

Looks like the sky is on fire!

Paula during the tour of the aircraft carrier Yorktown

Bronze wreath on the Yorktown

I want one of these for the bow of the Sea Eagle,
Paula says NO!

Hanger Bay  looking aft from the center 

Denotes the Marine Corps section of the ship

The South Carolina State Flag

Paula in front of her favorite bridge

Yorktown from the shore

Yorktown from the water

Fort Sumter

Interesting yard art

The Citadel

When was the last time you saw this guy??

Old fire tower

Eagle nest spotted on our "Low Country tour"

Bald Eagle spotted during the tour

Georgetown Light House

Cap'n Rod, Low Country River Tours

The smokestack from the Harvest Moon sunk
during the civil war.

Paula playing with friends