Thursday, January 13, 2011

Latest bird pictures

Wood Stork. These guys aren't very pretty when they are on the ground. But what a beautiful site when spotted in the air!!

Roseate Spoonbill. This guy is really "in the pink" his eyes are a bright pink. As you can see his legs are pink also! We see quite a few of these guys in the winter.

Crested Caracara. We haven't seen this guy in awhile so were tickled to get a picture of him. His head really does look flat. This is his favorite perch and he can be found on it fairly often.

Sandhill Crane. These guys are really pretty neat and we were also able to get a nice video. Paula stooped down to take a picture of one and he acted like he was going to take the camera away from her. This is at Fox Lake Park in Titusville.

Green Heron. This little guy has been hanging around the dock for the past couple of weeks. He gets upset pretty easily and yells at you as he flies off.