Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Parris Island USMCRD (by Jim)

Entering South Carolina.

USMCRD. United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

I haven't been here since 1966.  I didn't recognize anything until we got to the base. Which makes sense, in 1966 I got there in the dark and I left in the dark!

They have a really great museum.  Since it is an "open base" anyone can come and just go to the museum. Recommend not doing it on a Thursday or Friday since those are graduation days and the base is packed by 6 a.m.  You will need picture ID for everyone in the car and registration and proof of insurance to get on to the base.

Tybee Island (by Jim)

We found this really cool old tree outside Fort Pulaski National Monument and couldn't pass up an opportunity to get some pictures!

A demonstration of musket fire at Fort Pulaski. Since we are in the South they of course are wearing grey uniforms.

An outside view of Fort Pulaski. It is really in good condition.

Tybee Island Light House. The light house and grounds are really well kept and it is just a short walk to the old coastal fortifications last used during WWII. There is a really well done museum there. Both are well worth the trip.

Beaufort, South Carolina (by Jim)

There is a huge flock of Canada Geese that live at a park here in Savannah.  Paula got several good shots of them.

This is, as Paula calls it, a "string art" bridge that crosses the Savannah River from Georgia to South Carolina.

We spotted these two restored antebellum houses on our walk around Beaufort. Another old town with some really beautifully restored homes.

Wormsloe Plantation (by Jim)

Wormsloe Historic Site is on Isle of Hope.

These pictures are of Wormsloe Plantation's entry road. The road is over 1.5 miles long and is totally covered by these beautiful old oak trees. There is virtually nothing of the original house left except a couple of walls, but they are the oldest structure in Savannah. You can't really see much, but some of the original family still live on a part of the land that was not donated as a historical site. The original house was built around 1740. Savannah was founded in 1733.