Monday, July 30, 2012

Dewees Creek to Georgetown SC 7/24/2012

We had the anchor up and were underway by 9:00am. Today promises to be another hot one. Around 10 am  Paula spots one of her favorite birds. Swallow Tailed Kites. Before the morning is over she spots at least six. Then in the Afternoon she spots a Bald Eagle sitting in a pine tree. This is our first eagle spotting in SC and the first since May 17th in Georgia. We docked at Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown, SC about 2:15 pm. 

Plot of todays Travels
They are only Black Vultures but the picture is still cool

We have found bird houses everywhere. I guess they
cut into the bug population.

More boaters!

Swallow-Tailed Kite

Another of Paula's favorites

I'm assuming it is like a roadside marker.

An old fire tower. Haven't seen one in years!

Yep, Paula found an Eagle!!

Don't see signs like this often. It was only a one car at a
time deal!

This guy is really hanging on while our wake rocks the sea buoy!

A tour that was underway as we were docking in Georgetown

Church Creek to Dewees Creek 7/23/2012

We were up early as normal and caught a really beautiful sunrise. This is probably the prettiest anchorage we have stayed at so far. We had the anchor up and were underway by 9:00 am.

Plot of today's travels
This is the sunrise in Church Creek anchorage. It is one
of our all time favorites!

Back yard of the house we were anchored behind
for the night

Paula wanted to stop and make an offer for this
one but I thought our boat wouldn't even
make a down payment on the dock!

The house that goes with the sign

Derelict boat, unfortunately every state has this problem

Too nice not to take a picture!

Paula had to take this one for me!

People really enjoy playing in our wake!

Another derelict 

Yard art!

Comfy spot to relax 

South Carolina state flag. We have seen more of their
state flag flying than any other state we have
been in. You will almost always see the
American flag flying right beside it!

The famous Megadock in Charleston, SC. It's the longest
face dock in the south.

Anchorage in Charleston. Notice the masts from a sunken
ketch sticking up in the water
Another  sunken sail boat with a derelict tied to it. 

Yep, that's a  picnic table mounted on float attached to
the back of 2 boats lashed together in the
Charleston anchorage.  

Downtown Charleston, not a very pretty downtown

Fort Sumter, where the civil war began

Charleston Lighthouse

Put your extra boats in the back yard!

I hope you can see the little girl's expression!

Don't have a clue what this is, but we thought it was neat

This was up in the shallows at Dewees Creek where we
anchored for the night

Paula playing in the water at Dewees Creek
The current was so strong that I think we could
have skied off the back. The actual inlet is about
a mile further east from where we anchored. But after such a long hot day we really didn't care how strong the current was!!
Hang on!!!!
Hey, I was thinking we might could afford this waterfront property!!

Sunset at Dewees Creek

Dataw Island Marina to Church Creek 7/22/2012

We spent a very enjoyable three days on Dataw Island. It is beautiful and we will be going back again. We got underway at about 8:30 am, headed for an anchorage we picked out in Church Creek. The creek turned out to be a very pretty spot and we anchored behind a large home. The creek is a little narrower than we really liked and didn't give us a lot of swing room, but the winds were light so we didn't worry about it. The trip to the creek was extremely hot with little air movement all day. As soon as we got the anchor set we jumped in the water for a cool refreshing swim.

Plot of our days travel

Beautiful house in our Church Creek anchorage

Great Egrets in our anchorage

Dock at low tide

Another Egret!

Flock of White Ibis